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registration and conditions of sale

registration and conditions of sale

The text below has been automatically translated and no rights can be derived from it. If things are not clear, you can contact the estate agent for more information.

  1. By completing and submitting this online registration form, you declare that you are familiar with and accept the registration and sales conditions.
  2. Checking the statement of acceptance below the registration form will be considered as signing this form.
  3. Each candidate is entitled to fill in and submit one form.
  4. Partners can only register once together. The name chosen on this form will also become the name chosen on the purchase and building contract at the time of purchase. If you buy with your partner, you can only register once. Registrations are not transferable. Candidates who register twice may be excluded from allocation, option grant or purchase of a home. 
  5. Please read the information carefully before sending the registration form.
    This registration is entirely without obligation, no rights can be derived from it.

Filling in the form

  1. If you are seriously interested in one or more properties, please let us know by filling in and submitting the online registration form.
  2. It is not possible to register manually during the period of online registration; only forms sent via the website will be processed. If desired, the estate agent can help you fill in the form together with you. 
  3. The name chosen on this registration form will also be the name chosen on the purchase and building contract or on the deed of delivery, respectively.
  4. Registrations are not transferable. 
  5. Construction numbers must be filled in in order of preference.
  6. To increase your chance of allotment, we offer you the opportunity to bid on your first 2 preferences. It is not obligatory to make a bid.  
  7. Incomplete forms can also be excluded from allocation.


Indien je je inschrijft voor een beschikbaar bouwnummer, dan neemt de makelaar contact met je op. Schrijf je je in voor een appartement dan in optie staat, dan word je reservekandidaat. Als er gedurende het optie-/verkooptraject weer woningen beschikbaar komen, worden deze woningen toegewezen aan de kandidaten van de reservelijst. Zodra er een bouwnummer beschikbaar komt en er is een mogelijkheid voor je, dan neemt de makelaar contact met je op. 

Step-by-step plan after allocation

  1. Candidates who have been assigned a home will receive a phone call from the real estate agent on Friday 17 July or Monday 20 July to schedule an appointment. 
  2. These candidates will receive additional documents with more detailed information such as drawings, a technical description, information about more/and less work etc.

Sales meeting at the broker

  1. After the allotment you will have a sales and information conversation at the broker. This conversation will take place within a few days after the allotment.
  2. In this conversation there is plenty of room for questions and explanations.
  3. We assume that you have gone through the sales documents beforehand, so that we can deal with your questions concretely during this meeting. 

Decision period 

  1. After the sales conversation we will ask you within a maximum of 1 week to come to a decision about the purchase of your property.
  2. Do you have the intention to proceed with the purchase? Then the estate agent will draw up the draft purchase / building contract.
  3. You will receive this prior to the signing of the agreement. 

The sale/purchase agreement

  1. This agreement is concluded under the guarantee of Woningborg.
  2. More information about this warranty can be found on the website www.woningborggroep.nl. 
  3. If you decide not to purchase, an appointment will be scheduled with a possible reserve candidate.
  4. If you are unable to meet the above appointment and decision deadlines, we reserve the right to proceed with reserve candidates.

Financial advice

  1. We are counting on you to obtain sufficient information on financial possibilities before you register. There is also a possibility to schedule a mortgage interview through the broker.

Privacy policy & what we do with your details

  1. Your data is stored in a CRM system for the purposes described above.
  2. Novaform Vastgoedontwikkelaars finds it important to comply with the protection of your data. That's why we have a comprehensive document with all the privacy terms and conditions.
  3. By submitting this form, you agree to our privacy policy. You can view them here.


Sales started!

Sales started!

View the accommodation on this website or contact the estate agents for a brochure and then register via this site.

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