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N° 75 Coolsingel is a development of luxury apartments and penthouses for people who want to make the most of the city’s dynamic nature, living a stimulating and sophisticated lifestyle. The 58 homes offered for sale range from 90 m² to 290 m² (approximate floorspace). These luxurious apartments are lavishly laid out, with spacious balconies and multiple bedroom options. The high-end penthouses offer adaptable layouts and each comes with an impressively large roof terrace.

Life in N° 75 Coolsingel is wonderfully connected with the outside world. Huge windows offer unobstructed views of the city while allowing plenty of natural light to flow in. The many planted areas on and around the property enrich the experience and make a beautiful contrast to the surrounding urban life. The building’s plinth contains retail and daytime dining spaces that reflect its inhabitants’ demands for quality.

Coolsingel type K
Coolsingel type A
Coolsingel type N


Novaform develops the rental apartments, which are rented out by an investor. We do not rent out these apartments ourselves. More information about the rental apartments can be found here.


N° 75 Coolsingel has eighteen City apartments on its Sint-Luciastraat side, located on the fifth, sixth and seventh floors. A great choice for those who like an uncluttered living space, each of these apartments has a large living room with an open kitchen, opening directly onto a west-facing terrace balcony. These balconies also have pleasant views over the planted area on the building’s first floor. More information about this apartments

Living space 92-110 m²

Outdoor space 10-11 m²

Floors 5-7

Bedrooms 2

Apartment type A, B, G

Side Sint-Luciastraat

Price from: € 414.500




Light, space, comfort and quality are attributes you’ll quickly start taking for granted when living in a Promenade apartment. Designed for pleasurable living, cooking, relaxing and gazing out over the vibrant Coolsingel, the eighteen Promenade apartments are distributed over the fifth, sixth and seventh floors. Each has floor-to-ceiling windows and floorspaces range between 111 m² and 124 m². These apartments’ relatively low position in the building brings a sense of connection with life on the Coolsingel, without compromising privacy. The view is very appealing, overlooking both the Coolsingel and the planted area on the first floor, while directly facing the beautiful, historic town hall. More information about this apartments

Living space 112-125 m²

Outdoor space 10-13 m²

Floors 5-7

Bedrooms 2

Apartment type C, D, E, F

Side Coolsingel

Price from: € 572.000


Bright lights, big city. If you want to enjoy Rotterdam’s unique city life, with its characteristic authenticity, dynamism and innovation, N° 75 Coolsingel’s Metropolitan apartments are an opportunity like no other. These offer a life of luxury and comfort, in a home with spacious rooms and a large outdoor area. All Metropolitan apartments have gratifying views over Rotterdam’s version of Fifth Avenue. Who wouldn't want to live here? Anyone looking up at your home from the Coolsingel will be fascinated by its uniquely playful architecture. Sounds too good to be true? Not at all! This is Rotterdam, where we always deliver on our promises. More information about this apartments

Living space 98-154 m²

Outdoor space 13-160 m²

Floors 8-12

Bedrooms 2-3

Apartment type H, J, K, L1-3,

M, N, O, P, Q,

R, S, T, V, W

Side Coolsingel

Price from: € 557.000


There’s large, there’s larger, and then there are N° 75 Coolsingel’s Penthouses. Where everything in and around exudes luxury, style, quality and class. The enormous living rooms are impeccably pleasing to anyone who wants to indulge in peace and space. Ceiling heights of 2.6 to 3.3 metres are complemented with enviable views over the Rotterdam skyline. With an incomparable combination of immense living space and multiple roof garden terraces, these penthouses are supremely desirable. When it comes to design, the only classic feature is their location on the building’s uppermost floors. Pretty much everything else is right on the cutting edge. The N° 75 Coolsingel Penthouses aren’t about having dreams. They make dreams come true. In terms of freedom, exclusivity and pure opulence. By day and by night. This is where it’s at. More information about this apartments

Living space 212-294 m²

Outside space 32-270 m²

Floors 11-14

Bedrooms 4

Apartment type U, X, Y, Z

Side Coolsingel and Sint-Luciastraat

Price on request

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The sale starts shortly!

Soon the sale of N° 75 Coolsingel will start! All information is already available so you can take your time to view the offer. From the beginning of July it will be possible to register for one or more apartments. Would you like to receive a printed brochure? Then please contact one of the real estate agents!